Physocarpus opulifolius


Showy deciduous shrub with beautiful clusters of bell shaped flowers and characteristic peeling bark.

Item # Size On Hand Next Available Future Availability Price
PHOP G 1 Gallon Sold Out 350 — Fall 2019 $5.00 Login to Request
PHOP LS2 2' Live Stake Sold Out — Cut to Order $0.70 Login to Request
PHOP 3G 3 Gallon 52 800 — Fall 2019 $9.00 Login to Request
PHOP BRTS Bare Root Seedling Sold Out 3000 — 2/15/19 $1.25 Login to Request
PHOP TBL Tubling Sold Out 800 — Fall 2019 $2.00 Login to Request
PHOP WH3-5 Whip (3'-5') Sold Out $1.40 Login to Request

Characteristics & Attributes

Wetland Indicator Status
(FACW) Facultative wetland
Plant Type
Mature Height
Up to 6'
Pollinator Habitat
Butterfly Habitat
Planting Zone
Riparian Zone
Riparian Buffer
Classification by Use
Showy Native
Stream Restoration
SCM (Stormwater Control Measure)
Rain Garden