Free Project Assistance

Our Staff Ecologist and Propagation team use their more than 35 years’ experience in the industry to make your project a success. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of our region's diverse ecosystems and in the hands-on understanding we have gained from cultivating native plants from seed for more than 20 years. We’re ready to help with your plant selection, substitution, and establishment.  Contact us today. 

On-site Consultation

Do you have an interesting or problematic project that requires comprehensive knowledge about native plants at your specific site? For a consultation fee our staff will visit your site and put together a proposal and plant list.


While our main mission is to propagate plants, we are available to help or advise with installation particularly on sites that have failed or are for some reason difficult. We believe our staff also benefits from handling and installing our plant material and that those experiences can lead to improvements for our customers.

Contract Growing

Our extensive propagation experience makes MMF an important resource for very large, high profile, or specialty requests. We can grow exactly what’s needed for large projects and for planters who wish to expand the palette of native plants. Large projects may be eligible for a discount given enough lead time. Don’t see the size you’re looking for? Almost any container size request can be accommodated given time.