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SKU Size On Hand Price
Magnolia virginiana — Sweetbay magnolia — MAVI G 1 Gallon 10 $12.00 Login to Request
MMF Native Grass Mix — — MMFGrass Seed 19 $20.50 Login to Request
MMF Pollinator Mix — — MMFPollinator Seed 127 $40.33 Login to Request
MMF Riparian Buffer Mix — — MMFRipBuf Seed 292 $19.49 Login to Request
MMF Salt Tolerant Mix — — MMFSalt Seed 65 $23.00 Login to Request
MMF Shade Mix — — MMFShade Seed 119 $28.40 Login to Request
MMF Stabilization Mix — — MMFStbl Seed 214 $22.00 Login to Request
MMF Stormwater Pond Mix — — MMFSW Seed 309 $30.69 Login to Request
MMF Wetland Mix — — MMFWtlndMix Seed 28 $37.45 Login to Request
MMF Wetland Shade Mix — — MMFWetShade Seed 110 $37.45 Login to Request
Monarda fistulosa — Wild bergamot — MOFI 4 in 4-inch Pot 159 $7.70 Login to Request
Monarda fistulosa — Wild bergamot — MOFI PL Plug 194 $2.00 Login to Request
Nelumbo lutea — American lotus — NELU BR Bare Root - Herbaceous 285 $6.00 Login to Request
Nuphar advena — Spatterdock — NUAD BR Bare Root - Herbaceous 995 $6.00 Login to Request
Nymphaea odorata — American white waterlily — NYOD BR Bare Root - Herbaceous 845 $6.00 Login to Request
Nyssa aquatica — Water tupelo — NYAQ 3G 3 Gallon 2 $15.00 Login to Request
Nyssa aquatica — Water tupelo — NYAQ G 1 Gallon 20 $10.00 Login to Request
Nyssa biflora — Swamp tupelo — NYBI 3G 3 Gallon 3 $15.00 Login to Request
Nyssa biflora — Swamp tupelo — NYBI G 1 Gallon 40 $10.00 Login to Request
Nyssa sylvatica — Black gum — NYSY G 1 Gallon 25 $10.00 Login to Request